Questions You Need To Ask Before Hiring A Divorce Attorney

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As you approach a divorce case, you must seek the help of a legal professional who will represent you in court especially if the case is not going smoothly. That said, it is important that you end up with a competent and reliable attorney so as to ensure the success of your case.

Since we want to make sure that you land with a great attorney, we encourage you to ask your prospective lawyers several important questions that might just help you make your decision on whether to hire them or not.

As we all know, choosing the right family law attorney in Jacksonville or in any other state is no easy job. Fortunately, these questions will serve as a guide in your selection process.

Ask These Questions

Have you handled a similar case?

It is important to know the competence of your prospective lawyer. If this lawyer has handled several cases similar to yours, this tells you about the experience of the lawyer. Most probably, this lawyer has an inkling of how things might work out.

Are you handling my case by yourself?

Determine if the lawyer will be handling your case alone. Some lawyers, especially if the case is quite complicated, collaborate with other lawyers in order to ensure that your case will not be compromised. Changes of the service fees might change along with this.

Can I talk to your previous clients?

Ask the prospective lawyer if you can get in touch with previous clients. Good lawyers will not hesitate in this request because they are not afraid of the feedback of their prior clients. However, the feedback or criticisms coming from former clients should not be used as the sole basis of determining whether or not the lawyer should be hired.

How are your services charged?

Be well-versed with how the lawyer’s service fees will be charged. Know the mode of payment, the dates of payment, as well as the price range of the fees for the different services.

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Will I be charged while on the phone?

When it comes to updates, lawyers and clients only communicate by calls. Ask if the phone conversations are charged as well. This is so that you will be aware of what you might be billed for.

Do you have an estimated time frame?

Most lawyers will not give a definite time frame as to the completion of your case and that is understandable because you really do not know how the courts will handle each case. However, there is no harm in asking for an estimated time frame from your lawyer; it is natural for us to want this case to be over as soon as possible so as to not prolong the suffering of the family.

How can I contact you?

Of course, you’ll have to know the ways of how your lawyer can be contacted. This is important especially if you have some concerns and questions you need to ask. Ask for their contact number or their e-mail address.

How often can you give updates?

It is also important for you to know how often your lawyer will give you updates. If you wish to be updated even with the slightest movement of your case, you may tell the lawyer to do so.


On Music Gigs and Shows: Preparing for a Band Performance

playing for a concert gig

Contrary to the idea that doing live music gigs and shows are easy as pie, it’s actually not. There’s a lot of things you have to do to make sure you won’t embarrass yourself in front of your audience. Unfortunately many musical performers, bands or singers, do not really know how to prepare for their show. This especially applies to those who are quite new in the industry.

For many of them, they opt to go for spontaneity. They skip practice because, again, they want to be spontaneous. True, there are some performers who can get away with this; but there also those whose zero-preparation quality shows clearly during the day of the gig.

As much as possible, we aim to entertain the audience and not just leave them waiting in dead air while we take an hour fixing our instruments, microphones, etc. on stage. That said, preparation is essential. Here are some of the effective preparations you should do before your performance.

Preparing for a Show

  • Make a list of what you need.

Before the actual day of your show or concert, make a list of everything you need to secure. Remember, you aim to proceed with your performance as smoothly as possible. You can never go wrong with a checklist.

Having a list means being able to secure and use the correct wires, necessary instruments and other important show equipment. Instead of getting everything you need all mixed up, you’ll simply be able to check your list and see if you have each one of them.

  • Do a sound check.

Especially if you are new to the place, please make sure your band does a sound check. Even installing your own home theater requires sound check and that’s just in a venue which is a home to you. Although many bands skip this process, it’s actually very important. Although these bands still get away with it, there will come a time when they will wish they did otherwise. What makes this step important is the fact that this process is what will allow you to do the necessary adjustments before the actual show. That means, on the day of your gig, you are more confident since you, yourself, know that your equipment are working perfectly.

sound check in venue

  • Do practice.

Although practice does not really guarantee perfection, it’s still a big help. Practicing will help your skills become automatic, in a sense. Practicing also prepares your mind and body for what’s about to take over. Never skip practice if you aim to improve. During practice, you’ll be able to determine your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Prepare backup.

Whether for your amplifiers or your guitars or your band mates, it is necessary to have a backup. The fact is that you never really know what might happen on the day of your show. Your guitar strings might give out, or perhaps, your drummer has stomach problems. Accidents, health issues, and other external factors are inevitable; hence, it’s better to be prepared.

Bottom Line

In some situations, being spontaneous is not a problem. In fact, spontaneity may even be upheld. However, when it comes to performing in front of a live audience, spontaneity might just lead you to a disaster. Almost always, it is much better to be prepared. As the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Interesting Christmas Traditions All Over The World

How we celebrate christmas

Typically, we’d think that Christmas is mostly just about setting up a Christmas tree, by the fireplace, creating a gift list, preparing a delicious roasted duck, and projecting snowflake white laser lights while a few kids sing outside our doorstep. Perhaps, this sounds like a typical American Christmas but for other countries, they celebrate Christmas differently. Now, we’re not going to discuss each country’s uniqueness in celebrating the holiday season; we narrowed it down for you.

Without further ado, here are some of the most interesting Christmas revelations and celebrations all over the world.


You might have never heard of this before unless of course you are Finnish; in Finland, visiting the sauna for Christmas Eve is quite a common scene. Aside from that, it’s also common for Finnish families to pay a visit to their loved ones who passed away; yes, they visit graveyard sites and cemeteries for the holiday.


Perhaps, one of the scariest yet most exciting Christmas celebration is Austria’s. You might confuse Austria’s Christmas with Halloween as in this country, young men dress up as Krampus, a beast-like demon creature that roams the city to ‘capture’ naughty kids. So, if you thought you’ll only see Krampus in movie or home theaters, try visiting Austria for the holiday season and you might bump into one as you roam around the streets.

Krampus in Christmas


One of the most interesting ways to celebrate Christmas is how Ukraine does it. In Ukraine, Christmas does not just mean any type of meals, you’ll actually have a twelve-course meal. Moreover, the only way for you start the feast is by having the youngest child watch over the window and wait for the emergence of the first evening star. The first evening star is a sign that you can start feasting.


Uniquely, in the Southern part of France, families are known to burn logs in their homes as they celebrate Christmas Eve up until New Year’s Day. They have a belief that doing so would ensure great luck for the next year’s harvest.


As opposed to the common scene of snow and Christmas sweaters, Australia’s Christmas falls on its summer season. And so, going to the beach to for Christmas under Australian heat is a common way to celebrate the occasion.

Central America

Central America celebrates Christmas by showcasing the events of the birth of Jesus. Thus, they have lots and lots of displays of manger scenes found in malls as well as homes.


In the Philippines, it’s common to have large lantern parades before the Christmas Eve. These aren’t just your typical lanterns which you can hang at home, these lanterns may reach 20 feet or more. This event usually draws spectators from all over the world.

North Korea (DPRK)

Although being Christian is allowed in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), you can still be imprisoned or killed for being Christian in this country. Hence, Christmas celebration in North Korea often has to be done in secret.






Indoor/Outdoor Home Theater: Advantages and Disadvantages

ideas for home theater

There are many things we can do to make our homes much more interesting. For instance, opening your very own game room, installing a pool, or perhaps, expanding your patio are some ideas to step up your home game. For some people, having a personal movie theater at home is the perfect idea. However, this home project needs a lot of thinking as it is not just as simple as mounting a painting on the wall.

That being said, this article is created for those of you who want to invest in a home theater but are not quite sure. Here, we will be discussing all about the pros and cons of having your very own movie theater right next to your bedroom.


  • Entertainment

Let’s be honest, we often get so bored at home that we end up going out with friends, probably to catch a movie. However, with your very own home theater, you won’t need to drive to the nearest cinema. There are tons of fun ideas to utilize your home theater system. For instance, you can invite your friends over for a movie marathon, a movie marathon and barbecue party (for outdoor theaters) or you can also opt for a movie date with your partner. Even watching movies alone are much more exciting when it’s done in a place that mimics a real movie theater experience. That being said, having your own home theater serves as an instant entertain for you, your family, and friends.

  • Control

The one thing you have in your personal home theater which you don’t have in public movie cinemas is control. Here, you’re able to control the lights, volume, and even the seats.

  • Home Value

Adding this home theater into your house will also increase the value of your home. In a sense, it is an investment. And so, if you’re planning on selling the house sooner or later, buyers might just be interested in checking out your home because a home theater is one of the things they look for.

outdoor home theater

  • Multi-Purpose

In a sense, your home theater could also serve as a gaming room for Xbox, Playstation, Wii, etc. Furthermore, your home theater equipment may also be used for other purposes. For example, your projector (check out Optoma review for projector ideas) or sound system can be rented out to friends or relatives who need it.

  • Affordability

If you look at the bigger picture, having your very own theater at home will help you avoid those little fees we deal with whenever we go out for movie dates. Extra costs such as what we spend for gas, parking, movie tickets, food, and all other extras.


  • Costs

Understandably, you will really spend for your home theater. As previously mentioned, it is an investment. Your greatest challenge would have to be finding affordable equipment that will work perfectly for your mini theater.

  • Installation

There might be some problems with the installation and so, you might need some help from professionals. However, if you’re into reading manuals and figuring out how to make technological devices work, you might be able to skip hiring a handyman to do the job.

Speech Therapy for Kids: What Parents Should Know

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As parents, we always what’s best for our kids. From choosing the best schools to choosing the best dentist for them, we all strive to provide them with the best healthcare professionals. And so, when it comes to searching for a speech-language pathologist, we must also find our way to the best one; but first and foremost, let us first get to know how therapies work.

Whether your kid has problems with written or spoken language, it is wise to immediately see a speech pathologist. That way, an assessment could be conducted to determine if your child needs a form of speech therapy. It’s better to attend to our child’s needs as early as possible so that there would be higher chances of improvement that could be attained as soon as possible.

There are many conditions that may cause a speech difficulty in your child; cases of cerebral palsy, autism or developmental delays may be some of these conditions. For some children, they may be dealing with a case wherein they may not understand language at all; for others, they may understand but they are unable to effectively communicate. Other areas of concerns may include being unable to pronounce certain letters well or being unable to speak with the right intonation. The aforementioned problems are only a few of the many ones which speech pathologists (SLPs) help with through various speech therapies.

Speech Therapy

A speech therapy is a clinical program which is intended to improve one’s skills and abilities in oral motor, speech and language. There are many different methods of speech therapy; the type of therapy will depend according to the problem that the child or person has.

Some speech therapy strategies used by speech pathologists may include the following:

  • Articulation Therapy

This therapy includes exercises for articulation or sound production. In this therapy, the SLP would model the sounds which are incorrectly articulated. Often, the exercises and corrections are incorporated in fun activities. The speech pathologist may demonstrate as to how the tongue should move when making the “r” sound or whatever sound the child has difficulty with.

  • Language Intervention

For kids who have not yet developed their language skills enough or at all, SLPs will form an interaction with the child talking and playing with them. The use of books, pictures and other props is common as it helps attract the kid’s attention. In order to help build language skills, repetition exercises are usually used.

  • Oral motor therapy

For feeding or swallowing problems, speech pathologists may use oral exercises such as jaw exercises, lip or tongue exercises and even facial massages. These will help strengthen the muscles of the mouth for eating and drinking.

speech therapy exercises

Benefits and Expectations

The main benefit for speech therapy is definitely the improvement in language,communication, or oral-motor skills. Research has, indeed, shown that kids with language problems who underwent speech therapy did have significant improvements. Aside from improving skills in communication and oral-motor, speech therapies have also helped children emotionally, academically and socially. Speech therapies have helped kids regain and/or develop confidence and loosen up frustrations in communicating.

Every parent should know that improving a speech or oral problem will take time; it is a process that will require effort, patience and understanding. Expect for your child to take his/her time in his journey to improvement; it may take several months to a couple of years. In addition, parents play essential roles in speech therapy for kids. SLPs may also give parents tasks and assigned activities to help the child improve even at home.


Getting to Know Tyvek Graphics and Printing Materials

uses of tyvek sheetsTyvek graphics from Dupont offers a variety of printing media that can be used for printing signs banners and other types of prints.

Its Tyvek Hard Structure is essentially a paper textured material and its Tyvek Soft Structure is a fabric textured material. And in addition to being lightweight, both are also water resistant and tear resistant.

Its prices, too, are extremely competitive and the products have superior vibrancy enabling pretty much everything to be printed on it.

Besides, Tyvek’s printing materials are completely recyclable and also non-toxic. They do not contain any binders and are chemically inactive. The materials are also primarily non-woven, spun-bound olefin which combines well with papers and cloth resulting in a print surface that has high opacity and an excellent finish. This is mainly why the medical, including dental, and pharmaceutical industries have made use of Tyvek.

Dupont does not recommend laser printing or electrostatic copiers for these kinds of materials mainly due to the high temperatures used in this type of technology.

Tyvek offers a variety of printing materials including Tyvek Graphics Uncoated Media, Tyvek Aqueous Inkjet Banner Media, Tyvek Vivia, Tyvek Vivia High Opacity, Tyvek Metallized and Tyvek Sheets which can be used right for banners, display stands, booklets, maps and other forms of printing.

Tyvek Graphics Uncoated Media:

Uncoated Tyvek Graphics Media Styles are recommended for promotional media as a cost effective means of printing. This type of printing material can also be used on job sites for printing schematics and blueprints as it is water resistant and tear resistant and can be used for printing processes such as UV Cure Inkjet, Digital and Thermal transfers.

Aqueous Inkjet Banner Media:

The Aqueous Inkjet Banner Media produces high quality banners for indoor use, besides having a limited outdoor usage. The coating on this material is bright white and is receptive to inkjet printers available in thicknesses of 7 mil and 11 mil. This line of materials is also water resistant and extremely durable.

medical use of tyvek

Tyvek Vivia, Tyvek Vivia High Opacity:

For wide format printing on inkjet and screen printers, Tyvek’s Vivia and Vivia High Opacity Graphics Media come highly recommended. This form of printing material is available in two types — one for double-sided printing applications and the other for single-sided without any light blocking feature.

This material is meant for outdoor signs and banners as it has high durability mainly due to its texture which has a soft-fabric feel to it thus resisting curls, creases and wrinkles even after long use.

Tyvek Metallized:

Tyvek Metallized is recommended for texturing and layering applications and is available in two types– Soft Structure and Hard Structure. Tyvek Metallized is excellent for prints that require dimensional, contouring and draping effects.

The print quality is exceptional and used mainly for printing bags, wristbands, tags, etc. The product is available in 59” X15 yard roll, 59” X50 yard roll and 118” X 50 yard roll all with a 3 inch core.

Tyvek sheets:

Tyvek sheets are available in two sizes– 8½ inkjet printable sheets used for desktop inkjet printing and 634 mil and 7.5 mil sheets used for flexography, letterpress and offset printing. Dupont distributes these sheets to customers across the globe and can be purchased from any Tyvek authorized supplier.

Additionally, choosing the right printer for Tyvek materials is an important aspect in this whole discussion; so for instance, Doranix’ UDI (unique device identification) specialization is a big plus when choosing for a printing company to do the job correctly.