Questions You Need To Ask Before Hiring A Divorce Attorney

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As you approach a divorce case, you must seek the help of a legal professional who will represent you in court especially if the case is not going smoothly. That said, it is important that you end up with a competent and reliable attorney so as to ensure the success of your case.

Since we want to make sure that you land with a great attorney, we encourage you to ask your prospective lawyers several important questions that might just help you make your decision on whether to hire them or not.

As we all know, choosing the right family law attorney in Jacksonville or in any other state is no easy job. Fortunately, these questions will serve as a guide in your selection process.

Ask These Questions

Have you handled a similar case?

It is important to know the competence of your prospective lawyer. If this lawyer has handled several cases similar to yours, this tells you about the experience of the lawyer. Most probably, this lawyer has an inkling of how things might work out.

Are you handling my case by yourself?

Determine if the lawyer will be handling your case alone. Some lawyers, especially if the case is quite complicated, collaborate with other lawyers in order to ensure that your case will not be compromised. Changes of the service fees might change along with this.

Can I talk to your previous clients?

Ask the prospective lawyer if you can get in touch with previous clients. Good lawyers will not hesitate in this request because they are not afraid of the feedback of their prior clients. However, the feedback or criticisms coming from former clients should not be used as the sole basis of determining whether or not the lawyer should be hired.

How are your services charged?

Be well-versed with how the lawyer’s service fees will be charged. Know the mode of payment, the dates of payment, as well as the price range of the fees for the different services.

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Will I be charged while on the phone?

When it comes to updates, lawyers and clients only communicate by calls. Ask if the phone conversations are charged as well. This is so that you will be aware of what you might be billed for.

Do you have an estimated time frame?

Most lawyers will not give a definite time frame as to the completion of your case and that is understandable because you really do not know how the courts will handle each case. However, there is no harm in asking for an estimated time frame from your lawyer; it is natural for us to want this case to be over as soon as possible so as to not prolong the suffering of the family.

How can I contact you?

Of course, you’ll have to know the ways of how your lawyer can be contacted. This is important especially if you have some concerns and questions you need to ask. Ask for their contact number or their e-mail address.

How often can you give updates?

It is also important for you to know how often your lawyer will give you updates. If you wish to be updated even with the slightest movement of your case, you may tell the lawyer to do so.


A Guide in Helping With Personal Injury in the Family

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Accidents may happen anywhere and anytime; an accident may occur on the road, at a concert show, driving to school, etc. Surely, getting into an accident is one of the toughest situations especially if it causes injuries that are overwhelming, long-term, or worse, causes permanent disability. People who go through this type of experience often become frustrated and difficult to handle especially at home.

If your family is in the middle of this situation, you might find this guide useful. This is a guide in how to cope with a family member who is suffering personal injuries.

Personal Injury

Lucky if the injuries were minor or if major, a person is still lucky if the injury does not leave a permanent mark on him (i.e. permanent disability to walk). But what happens if the injury was so severe that it leaves the victim thinking they’re now inutile?

If this is the case you and your family find yourselves in, you’ll agree that it is, indeed, difficult to deal with frustrations, anxiety, and anger coming from the victim and from the family members, ourselves. However, you must understand how big of an impact the accident has had in victim’s life physically and psychologically. Hence, you must be able to understand where they are coming from. You must be able to adjust.

How to Help

  • Support them.

One of the most important things to do when there is a family member who is suffering injuries is to support them in every way you can. Be encouraging; you can do this by showing support in physical therapy, psychological counseling, legal proceedings, etc. For instance, if they’re looking for a personal injury attorney around Huntington Beach, help them research. Or if they are checking into psychologists around the area, you must support that step as well.

At the end of the day, it’s very important for the personal injury victim to feel that he/she is surrounded by people who loves him/her.

  • Show respect to them.

When one goes through an accident that leaves a great impact in their physical ability, chances are their ego is left hurt as well. At some point in time, someone who is suffering injuries may want to feel that they are in control again and they may express this by making their own decisions for themselves. If it comes to this point, learn to respect what they ask for. Give them what they demand, as long as it does not risk their safety.

For instance, if your family member asks you to leave them alone (i.e. give some space), do so. Do not force-feed them with help as this may only make them feel worse.

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  • Compliment them.

Make them feel even better by complimenting them especially if they show that they are taking control of the situation. If they succeed at small things which are deemed difficult for them to do, considering their situation, compliment them. However, don’t just shower non-stop compliments as this may also seem too fake.

  • Work with them.

Don’t leave them out in the open; work with them. March apace with the speed of their race. Very importantly, you must work alongside them; not ahead or behind but beside.

  • Think positively.

Attracting positive energy is very important especially during these situations; this is mainly because positive thinking eases pain. Even if the family member, himself/herself, is being negative, talk to them positively. Encourage them, compliment them, make them feel loved. Focus on the things that you all should be thankful for. Sooner or later, this positive vibe will radiate your entire home.


Essential of a Good Lawyer 

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When you require legal help, you want to choose the right lawyer. When you go for your first visit – usually a free visit to discuss your legal problem, here are five qualities you want to find and to spot them.Lawyers offer very crucial services in the society. These experts represent people in various negotiations and courts to guarantee fairness and integrity. Whether you are filing for divorce, selling or buying assets, opening a business, claiming for compensation after an accident or any other task that requires you to get legal assistance, you must hire a reliable lawyer. Also, an attorney makes sure that you do not go to jail or your jail term is reduced if you have been charged with a crime. However, not all attorneys are equal. There are those who pose as qualified and experienced but they are just out to get your money in exchange for poor services. This is why it is essential to be careful with your choosing process so as to get a trustworthy attorney in the law area you are concerned with.

Tips on Getting a Good Lawyer

Needless to say, getting a great lawyer is essential. Just like how we would want the best therapy and the best doctor if a family member is sick or suffering from a disorder; we also would like to hire the best lawyer to handle our case.

There is much communication means you can use to get a good attorney in your area. Word of mouth is an efficient way to get the top rated attorneys. Talk to your relatives and friends, especially those who have faced similar legal needs previously and inquire who helped them out. Checking expat forums can also give you valuable recommendations.

Other lawyers can also refer you to a good attorney in your area of interest. For example, you can get referrals of good divorce lawyers from an immigration lawyer you have used before. Attorneys are likely to know the top ones in various divisions of law.

Good attorneys can also be found on the internet. There are many websites that rank attorneys based on their area of specialization, experience and qualification among other factors. Visit these sites to see how different attorneys are rated and read client reviews and comments on different attorneys. Any lawyer with several negative comments should be avoided and of course, you should also be wary of fake lawyers. So if you’re looking for an family lawyer, offshore attorney or a DUI attorney for hire, here are the qualities you need to look into.

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Qualities to Look for in a Lawyer

  • Schedule interviews with the top rated attorneys from various sources to get the most qualified. Here, there are several qualities you should look for in the legal representative you hire. Make sure that the professional is licensed to avoid falling for fraudsters who pose like legitimate and competent attorneys. Ensure that the license is authentic and current.
  • Inquire what part of law an attorney has specialized on before hiring them. Do not assume that just because a certain attorney handled your immigration matters excellently, they can successfully handle any case. Since the law is broad, it is important to get someone who handles matters of your case. Nobody wants their real estate contract being handled by a divorce lawyer.
  • Experience is also an essential quality to look for in an attorney. You can verify this by asking the actual number of years the legal representative has been practicing as well as the number of cases he has handled. Always go for an attorney with no less than five years of practice.
  • Finally, consider cost. Choose an attorney who offers unparalleled services at an affordable price. The most excellent way of getting a reasonably priced lawyer is by comparing costs among several attorneys. However, avoid those who are insanely cheap as this could mean that service quality is compromised to lower price.