Getting to Know Tyvek Graphics and Printing Materials

uses of tyvek sheetsTyvek graphics from Dupont offers a variety of printing media that can be used for printing signs banners and other types of prints.

Its Tyvek Hard Structure is essentially a paper textured material and its Tyvek Soft Structure is a fabric textured material. And in addition to being lightweight, both are also water resistant and tear resistant.

Its prices, too, are extremely competitive and the products have superior vibrancy enabling pretty much everything to be printed on it.

Besides, Tyvek’s printing materials are completely recyclable and also non-toxic. They do not contain any binders and are chemically inactive. The materials are also primarily non-woven, spun-bound olefin which combines well with papers and cloth resulting in a print surface that has high opacity and an excellent finish. This is mainly why the medical, including dental, and pharmaceutical industries have made use of Tyvek.

Dupont does not recommend laser printing or electrostatic copiers for these kinds of materials mainly due to the high temperatures used in this type of technology.

Tyvek offers a variety of printing materials including Tyvek Graphics Uncoated Media, Tyvek Aqueous Inkjet Banner Media, Tyvek Vivia, Tyvek Vivia High Opacity, Tyvek Metallized and Tyvek Sheets which can be used right for banners, display stands, booklets, maps and other forms of printing.

Tyvek Graphics Uncoated Media:

Uncoated Tyvek Graphics Media Styles are recommended for promotional media as a cost effective means of printing. This type of printing material can also be used on job sites for printing schematics and blueprints as it is water resistant and tear resistant and can be used for printing processes such as UV Cure Inkjet, Digital and Thermal transfers.

Aqueous Inkjet Banner Media:

The Aqueous Inkjet Banner Media produces high quality banners for indoor use, besides having a limited outdoor usage. The coating on this material is bright white and is receptive to inkjet printers available in thicknesses of 7 mil and 11 mil. This line of materials is also water resistant and extremely durable.

medical use of tyvek

Tyvek Vivia, Tyvek Vivia High Opacity:

For wide format printing on inkjet and screen printers, Tyvek’s Vivia and Vivia High Opacity Graphics Media come highly recommended. This form of printing material is available in two types — one for double-sided printing applications and the other for single-sided without any light blocking feature.

This material is meant for outdoor signs and banners as it has high durability mainly due to its texture which has a soft-fabric feel to it thus resisting curls, creases and wrinkles even after long use.

Tyvek Metallized:

Tyvek Metallized is recommended for texturing and layering applications and is available in two types– Soft Structure and Hard Structure. Tyvek Metallized is excellent for prints that require dimensional, contouring and draping effects.

The print quality is exceptional and used mainly for printing bags, wristbands, tags, etc. The product is available in 59” X15 yard roll, 59” X50 yard roll and 118” X 50 yard roll all with a 3 inch core.

Tyvek sheets:

Tyvek sheets are available in two sizes– 8½ inkjet printable sheets used for desktop inkjet printing and 634 mil and 7.5 mil sheets used for flexography, letterpress and offset printing. Dupont distributes these sheets to customers across the globe and can be purchased from any Tyvek authorized supplier.

Additionally, choosing the right printer for Tyvek materials is an important aspect in this whole discussion; so for instance, Doranix’ UDI (unique device identification) specialization is a big plus when choosing for a printing company to do the job correctly.