Benefits of Opting for Plastic Business Cards

Personalized business cards are becoming more and more popular around the world, with plastic cards becoming more and more preferred over traditional paper cards. These types of cards are durable and look absolutely stunning. Experts say that a business card represents who a company is, what it does, and what its values are. Rich, bold colors and designs are chosen to make a striking card. They are scratch-resistant and stay flawless for a long time.

Plastic is highly unlikely to degrade over a period of time and is not susceptible to any type of discoloration or water damage. In addition to all the benefits, these cards are also extremely versatile and can double as discount cards in certain situations. if you want purchase custom Shaped Metal Business Cards visit Pure Metal Cards.

Creating a brand or logo

Typographic cards combine tradition and modernism

In addition to letterpress business cards, letterpress printing also makes stationery, invitations, posters, calendars, and t-shirts. In the past, the method of letterpress depended on metal and wood. Little by little that has changed to modern plastic plates that allow printing to be done from digital files. Most customers prefer deep prints and therefore the material used is fine cotton fiber paper. The paper used for this type of printing is uncoated. Heavily textured papers are not preferred for deep prints.

Typographic business cards have a minimalist yet elegant look

Gradients, shadows, and other special effects are most often not used for letterpress business cards, as this printing method encourages printing only in spot colors. The most attractive designs are beautiful with the use of two or three colors. To make the artwork gorgeous, lines at least 0.25 pt thick are used instead of fine lines.