Buy a Spo2 Monitor For Home Use

How Oxymetry Pulse Works

Prior to pulse oximetry, arterial oxygen saturation (SaO2) was measured directly by blood gas analysis. If it is now measured indirectly with pulse oximetry, it is called SpO2.

Pulse oximetry uses sensors (sometimes called probes) and monitors that analyze data and display the results. There are many options where people can buy spo2 monitor. However, the can also buy heart rate simulator at

The sensor directs light of two wavelengths – red and infrared – through pulsating capillary pads (often a finger, but a forehead, earlobe or finger can also be used) and detects how much is being absorbed.

Oxygenated blood absorbs light at 660 nm (red light), whereas oxygen-free blood absorbs light preferably at 940 nm (infrared).

The pulse oximeter consists of two light-emitting diodes at 600 nm and 940 nm and two light-collecting sensors that measure the amount of red and infrared light emitted by the network passing through the light rays.

The relative light absorption of oxyhemoglobin (HbO) and deoxyhemoglobin is processed by the device and the oxygen saturation level is taken into account.

Useful features

  • Integrated with the SpO2 probe and display processing module
  • Small, light and comfortable to wear
  • Working with the product is easy and requires little energy
  • Show the SpO2 value
  • Heart rate value display, bar graph display
  • Pulse waveform display
  • Display mode can be changed
  • The measured data exceeds the limit value and low voltage alarm function