Can You Trust The Letting Agencies For Bangkok Real Estate?

Some real estate agents also act as landlords, but there are also landlords who work like no other. Like real estate agents, rental agencies in Bangkok and Thailand are less focused on cheaper apartments due to lower commissions.

Many people stay away from these agencies because they believe that the service will cost them more in the long run. This can actually be a misunderstanding because their deduction, the commission as you call it, doesn't just add to your monthly rent.

Although they pay a commission for their services, unlike tenants, this is often borne by the owner. Let me explain further. You can easily get  the best service from real estate agents in bangkok.

Often times, private owners, especially inexperienced ones, try to rent out their property using their own resources to save agency fees. Often he was too ambitious with rental expectations.

After a few months, without success, he reluctantly sought the services of a rental agency to see if they could do better. Here they often tell him that to make his properties attractive, he will need to spend several thousand baht on new paint, wash mold from the bathroom, remove sticky or damaged furniture, repair broken windows, and pour a little bleach into the toilet before showing. people around etc.

You can also let him know that he asks a lot about this type of property from above. Greedy landlords can show that they can't afford it for less. The agent can respond by indicating the months that his empty treasure has been lost by sitting empty. If he didn't do something right away, he could stay in this empty state indefinitely.

Then the plan was made, the agent took over the management of their apartment and the property immediately looked cleaner, smarter, and cheaper than what was on the market.