Create a Modern Kitchen Space with These Ideas

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Creativity is central to making a smart and seamless design that incorporates various components working together. If you are planning to give your kitchen a modern look, aesthetics and function need more emphasis. Below are some modern kitchen ideas that you can use in your kitchen renovation plan.

  • Luxury: A sleek and chic design makes a kitchen look luxurious and feel spacious. Using a textured pendant with exposed beams or timber benchtops can help achieve that design. Introduce more contrast using colours and texture options like grey or whitewashed brick walls with chrome and white cabinets.
  • Touch of Sophistication: Create a sophisticated space with better aesthetics by swapping out hardwood panelled tiles and floor for polished concrete. You can also use sculpture lighting in place of conventional light fixtures.
  • Classic but Modern: If all-modern doesn’t impress you, mix and match the old design with new styles. A country cottage design is a great approach for a kitchen with an adjoining garden. You can add a modernised look to the kitchen through countryside cabinets, natural light, and metallic elements such as pendant lights.
  • Edgy and Bold: Using gritty elements is a bold choice but fantastic too. You can use black wood cabinets, a sleek island, and concrete floors to make an industrial kitchen. Also, retro red stools are best to use for an edgy design.
  • Clean and Vibrant: An all-white kitchen is popular in the modern design world. You can add vibrance through decors and bright accents of vases, chairs, serving ware, and flowers for the zest. Mix 2 accent colours such as orange with blue, mint green with pastel pink, and green with yellow.

Safety, structure, function, and aesthetics are major factors in designing a modern kitchen and plumbers in Coffs Harbour area can help you achieve that.