Dentist’s Tooth Removal Cost

It is important to find out how much it will cost before you visit your dentist for a tooth removal. While the average cost for tooth removal is around $75 to $450 depending on where you live, dental procedures can vary by location.

The cost of having a tooth pulled depends on many factors. These include the amount of work required, your dentist's opinion, and whether or not you have dental insurance.

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An Overview On Tooth Extraction Procedure

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A Closer Look at Tooth Removal Costs

These are the average costs for tooth extraction, according to recent estimates.

  • Simple tooth extractions are available from $75 to $300 

This is a routine procedure that requires only a local anesthetic, and the expertise of your dentist.

  • $150-$650 to have a surgical procedure.

This procedure is required to remove a tooth which requires more work from an oral surgeon. Sometimes, the bone around the tooth may need to be removed or the tooth must first be cut in sections. Depending on your needs, this procedure may involve general or local anesthesia.

Your oral surgeon will need access to full-bony and partial-bony teeth. Soft-tissue impacts are teeth that must be extracted from below your gums, but not underbone. Soft-tissue impacts are less costly to extract.

  • $75-$600 for wisdom tooth extraction.

It is quite common to remove your third molars. This procedure requires anesthesia, careful surgery, and thoughtful aftercare. Depending on where they are located in your mouth, impacted wisdom tooth extractions may be more costly.

  • $51-$94 to extract a baby tooth

Although baby teeth will eventually fall out, it is possible to have one removed that doesn't need to be extracted before it does. Adults might also need to have pieces of their baby teeth removed. This can be a cost-intensive procedure, which can run around $200 depending on where you live.