Different Type Of Wedding Favours

Finding a wedding favor to give your guests can be a challenging task. The best kind of wedding favors represents you as a couple and can be used after the wedding.

Chocolate wedding favours are the ultimate crowdpleaser. It’s hard to find someone that isn’t a fan of classic chocolate candy, which is why it’s a great option for party favors. Super simple, chocolate can be paired with anything.

There are so many different ways you can giveaway the  best chocolate wedding favours—such as box them up, customize them, wrap them in a personalized label, or can even put your picture on it. No matter what you choose, your guests will be reminded of how sweet your wedding celebration was when snacking on your chocolate favor.

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Custom Chocolate Wedding Favours
Your guests will be surprised that these favours are actually luxury chocolates! These grooms customized the chocolates to give to traveling guests.

Engraved Chocolate Wedding Favours
This couple’s inspiration for a chocolate bar with their names engraved came from the renowned Seattle restaurant Canlis.

Boxed Up Chocolate Wedding Favours
The bride and groom took these treats to the next level by placing chocolates into monogrammed paper-covered boxes.

A Variety of Chocolate Wedding Favours
Why give your guests one kind of chocolate when there are so many to share? Do as this couple did by offering a variety of chocolates, like mini Heath bars and Raisinets, for guests to bag up on their own.