How Do Royalty Rates Work?

Royalty rates are some of the most important aspects of a graphic designer or illustrator's work. Find out in this blog article how royalty rates affect your work and what you can do to make sure you're not being cheated. A quick look at royalties for artists and illustrators. In this article, we’re going to look at how royalty rates work, and the different ways they can change. In order to understand how royalty rates work, it's important to first understand what a royalty is. 

Some of you may not know, but every time you use an Authority rated image on your blog, website or social media page, you're required to state the license under which it is provided. 

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This means no matter how well your work is received – whether positive or negative – if you don't put the proper information in place, then you will be liable for an infringement notice from the rights holder.

And this is where things can get ugly: an infringement notice can cost around $10,000 (or more!) for each notice sent. Then there's the issue of solicitor fees! So a good plan to stay out of trouble as much as possible is to. This article is a guide to how royalty rates work, where royalties come from, and what royalty rates are used for.

Royalty rates are a tricky subject – but with this article, you'll know all about it! Read on to find out how royalties rates work, what they mean for your music and writing copyright, and why it's important to understand them.