How To Get Rid Of Frown Lines In Singapore?

Frown Wrinkle lines make their presence known in a number of ways. They form a number eleven shape between the eyebrows, create a horizontal line across the forehead and even look like a hanging effect at the corners of the mouth.

They usually develop over time because botox normally contracts muscles that cause us to contract or expand, forcing the skin to contract and forming wrinkles. Bring genetics into the equation – as with skin thinning and the loss of elastin and collagen with age. You can book your appointment at to get botox treatment for the removal of frown wrinkles.

Before long, those frown wrinkles make your precious face a permanent home. And, more than anything else, wrinkles can really affect how you express yourself at rest, making you look irritable even when you're not resting.

As our skin ages, we lose the elasticity of our youth that used to allow it to return to its normal state after frowning and bloating. But all hope is not lost! If you pay attention to your facial expressions, wear sunglasses, and supplement with strong local skincare products, retinol products and silicone patches that hold skin in place can change the game for frown lines. 

For those looking for a quick fix, injections like botox and fillers are highly effective solutions, but there are also a variety of topical medications and home exercises you can do to get rid of fine lines non-invasively. Yes, aging is inevitable, but wrinkles don't have to happen.