Online Sexual Harassment Training Ensures Workplace Safety

The main priority of every leading company is the safety of its workers. Workplace security must be present at all levels, so that each employee feels safe to function. The main motto of any company, whether it’s a market giant or start-up, isĀ  “an ounce of safety is worth a pound of cure”.

California legislators and equivalent employment commissions went a little further and composed the Mandate AB1825 to ensure that all stays good. The mandate states that any company with 50 or more employees must send managers or supervisors for sexual prevention training in California.

Companies can opt for workplace sexual harassment prevention training online or in class settings “directly”, and it must be done every two years. A question appears here. What about companies that don’t have employees up to 50? Do they also need to set several rules at work regarding abuse issues?

The answer is yes, they need to have a system and must follow a set of rules at the workplace mentioned below.

1. Ensure that the Human Resource Department (HR) has the appropriate material for launching an awareness program.

2. If there is no HR department, someone must be assigned to deal with affairs and complaints of sexual harassment at work.

3. The company can also choose to look for online sexual harassment training and appoint an independent HR to handle sexual harassment affairs.

4. The company must ensure that all newly rented personnel undergo serious sexual abuse surveys, interviews, training or questions.