Surplus Tents For Camping Trip

The surplus tent is ideal for small groups and ideal for family camping. If you are looking for information on surplus tents, this should help you and you may get enough facts to settle for the next four tents you want to buy.

On any camping trip, unless you know your tent is already set up, setting up and laying your tent is usually the most annoying part, along with packing to get started. It is advisable to install additional surplus tents as you will assemble and disassemble together, saving time, energy, and space.

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These redundant surplus tents are available in a variety of structures. Tents are made of columns, the cloth is placed on a frame formed by columns to form a house like a bag. Some of the basic surplus tent designs include:

Avian tent: Align two pillars facing each other and spread the fabric to form a covered floor. Widely used in mild weather.

Pyramid Tents: As the word hints at, these are surplus tents that look like pyramids. A pillar was in the center and the tent cloth was pulled and spread around the pillar to make a pyramid shape.

Tire Tent: Wear between one to three tires and cover the tent to form a pocket that looks like a tube or semicircular tube. Curved walls offer more space. This tent is stronger than it looks because the pressure is distributed along the length of the tire.