Facts About the Bail Bond Company In Orange County

If a person is found guilty of engaging in criminal activities and is arrested, typically they are charged and later sent to jail. 

Before their release from the jail, and while waiting for an appearance at trial, the person must be released or make a payment for bail to the bail bond company to help and speed up the procedure. You can also contact a reliable bail bond company in Orange County at riddlersbailbonds.com/.

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What is a bail bond exactly?

The bail bond is normally utilized when an inmate is ordered by a judge to post bail before release before the trial gets underway. After a bail bond has been posted for an individual, the suspect is released from the care of the police until the outcome is decided during the trial. 

If the accused person fails to return to court to hear the trial, the bond amount is forfeited. The amount of the collateral or the down payment that was submitted to the court is forfeited too.

What do bail bond companies offer?

If you're looking for bail bond companies generally, you're searching for an authorized bail bondsman. They are specialized in the issuance of bail bonds, and in ensuring that clients turn up to their trial. 

The companies charge fees they charge for the actual bond amount, which is approximately 10 percent of the bond value. It does not cover the other costs related to the transaction, above and beyond what is set in the judgment of the courts.