How Self Publishing Can Save Your Life

I wanted to write a book once I was 24-years old working. I carried this passion through my 20's and 30's.

It was only when I started writing philosophy papers I realized I could write original poems out of my theories. Whenever required you can get the book self publishing services.

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One day I was struck with the creative muse!

Twenty minutes after I finished six poems. I began creating sites to showcase my work. However, I still felt incomplete, unworthy, and unhappy.

My sites and my poems weren't well known, or even publicly accessible. Even my loved ones' members and friends were silent about my writings.

I understood that I'd forever be unhappy and unsatisfied unless I could get an established authority to encourage my writing and help me share my work with the world. But finding an establishment was difficult. I continued to look as I continued to write.

Then in 2006, I stumbled upon a site for authors who wish to self-publish. That site was: Outskirts Press.

Within a month or two, my first book, "The Book Of Life: Existentialism, the Will and the Truth" was printed. I was ecstatic and, like this, my entire life changed.

For 13 years, my life was a constant battle to be recognized and valued as a writer. Suddenly I had achieved a goal that was imprinted in my head through pain and sorrow in my wonder years.

You can imagine the relief and personal satisfaction that sets in when you conquer a life's hurdle and the shift in feelings that occur when a book you've toiled to compose is finally published.