550 Paracord And Why You Need It?

There are lots of different tools/equipment you can take for a hike. Some are essential, like a compass, lighter, and water, summer bug spray! However, there is one practical piece of clothing that I always button up in my bag and that is the 550 paracord.

The 550 paracord is a very simple and convenient survival tool and can be used for a variety of uses and the best part is that it can be the cheapest in your entire pocket! You can buy the best bulk paracord via https://www.theparacordstore.com/

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So before we get too far; What is 550 paracord? (Also known as parachute cord) It is basically a nylon core rope which has very high tensile strength but is still lightweight. 

550 paracord consists of two parts. The inner "joint" or "core" from which it draws most of its strength, and the outer shell, which holds everything together while providing strength and elasticity. The perfect combination of braid and material is what makes this outfit so comfortable.

The shell melts when held in a flame, allowing you to connect a piece of 550 Paracord to itself. The inner strap consists of 7 small threads which can be removed to sew or sew fabrics together. 550 paracord is very strong and comes in various ratings based on internal gauges and braids. For example, a Type 3 550 paracord can carry up to 550 pounds!

According to the Wikipedia page, paracord even used it to repair the Hubble Space Telescope! 550 paracord is also used to fix shoelaces. Most people make survival bracelets with items that are essentially flattened cobras that allow you to carry several meters of 550 paracord in one compact package.