What is Divorce Mediation and Why Can It Be Good For You?

The mediation process allows the parties to control the decisions made and the outcome. Instead of questioning each other's positions, work together to find solutions that match your interests and those of your children. 

Mediation lawyers do not take sides, represent or make decisions as judges do. A mediation attorney guides the process and allows you to make your own decisions. You can now look for the best divorce mediation service via https://boileaucs.com/divorce-mediation/.

6 Benefits Of Family Law Mediation During A Divorce

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The mediation process includes the following steps:-

(1) Preface – The parties meet with the process-oriented mediator to reflect on the objectives of their solution. The mediator awaits the presence of both parties and then gives a presentation. The physical situation is controlled so that no country feels threatened. The mediator makes an introductory statement in which he outlines the roles of the participants and demonstrates the neutrality of the mediators. It provides an overview of mediation guidelines, protocols and timeframes.

(2) Presentation of the problem by the parties – After the mediator's introduction speech, the mediator gives each party the opportunity to tell their story without interruption. The person requesting the mediation session will leave first. The statement gives the parties an opportunity to articulate their concerns in their minds and to provide the mediator with further information.

(3) Information gathering/problem identification – The mediator asks the parties open questions and tries to find common goals between the parties. The mediator finds out which problems can be resolved or which can be resolved first.