Excavators vs Posi tracks – Your Guide to Making the Right Choice

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When you need some digging work, you will look for a professional who does one using a suitable machine. However, if you get to choose the equipment as well, you get two options, excavators and posi tracks, especially in the case of earthmoving jobs. Although both do the same function, the primary difference lies in the underlying components. Read a brief about each of these so that you can decide better on the best digger for you.

The Excavator

It comes with a cab that allows 360-degree rotation during operation. You can find a range of excavators varying in sizes meant for different purposes and areas. Small-sized ones are suitable for residential landscaping and similar minor works. However, for big jobs like construction and mining, you can find mammoth-sized excavators. Besides, its 360-degree rotating ability allows it to work easily in tight spaces while keeping the cab machine stationary.

The Posi track

On the contrary, the posi track lacks that independent controlling cab. Being more like a fixed machine, it also needs more space to operate. Plus, a posi track can't turn more than 200-degrees while standing at a position. A cheaper price tag is what makes posi tracks are more convenient if you have a small budget and a wide enough area to work on.

Finally, the choice depends on the size of the target area and your budget. Positracks are better for large worksites while excavators work better on small and complex sites. Making that decision without actually comparing the machine and the site can be difficult but professional earthmoving companies from Brisbane can give you the best advice and service for all types of grounds and areas.