Why A Dentist Might Suggest You Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Many people do not experience any problems when wisdom teeth emerge and don't need to have them removed. However, most dentists will recommend wisdom tooth removal if you have these symptoms.

1. Your mouth cannot accommodate the teeth. 

Four wisdom teeth and 28 regular teeth make up 32, 32 teeth trying their best to fit in your small jaw. Your wisdom teeth may become impacted if your jaw is too small. This means that they are unable to fully erupt or be misaligned.

Wisdom teeth need to be removed in such cases. Consult a dentist for emergency wisdom teeth extraction in Houston.

2. Chronic pain is felt in the area of the wisdom tooth.

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This could indicate an infection, which could occur from wisdom teeth that have partially erupted. Pericoronitis is a painful condition in which bacteria and food get trapped. In such cases, it is important to remove the tooth immediately to prevent further painful infection.

3. Cyst develops around your wisdom tooth. 

When fluid is poured into the cavity near your wisdom tooth, cysts can develop. This can lead to damage to surrounding structures, such as tooth roots and bone. A cyst left untreated can lead to a tumor that will need to be treated.