Industries Use Explosion Relief Vents To Save Lives

It is well known that fire kills but did you know that inhaling smoke is the real killer? The main danger of a fire in its early stages is not a flame, as one would imagine, but the noxious fumes and gases emitted by the fire.

This can be overcome by installing a smoke extraction system and natural ventilation. You need to hire a professional company to install ventilation. You can also contact an ignition relief vents supplier to install explosion panels.

These are typically used in stairwells, offices, and industrial buildings. This not only saves lives and damage to property but also allows fire brigade access and keeps escape routes free of smoke.

Automatic ventilation, or AOC, is an ingenious but simple invention that only works in the event of a fire, opening vents on high and low roofs, letting cold air into the building, expelling smoke and hot air, and ensuring a safer escape. 

The possibility of a break-in is slowed and hopefully prevented, and the risk of fire spreading is greatly reduced, allowing rescue workers to intervene more quickly and safely to extinguish the fire, reducing the risk and damage to buildings.

Such simple operations can help the emergency services, eliminating the possible damage to property and its contents and above all help save precious lives.