What To Expect From Bunion Surgery ?

Although many people have heard of the bunion or heard about the painful bunions, this does not necessarily mean that they are fully aware of the medical definition. It is possible to only gain a true understanding of painful bunions and those who have had surgery for them. 

But bunion surgery is becoming more common. Both the patient and the caregiver may benefit from a basic understanding of the anatomy of the foot and what to expect following bunion surgery.

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A bunion, by definition, is a foot defect that causes the big toe to turn inward. The tip of the toe is pushed into the other toes, while the first joint where the toe meets with the foot turns out. 

Some patients who see podiatry can find relief from bunion pain with non-surgical remedies. Others need surgery. Surgery is recommended when there are persistent and constant pains that interfere with mobility or foot movement. 

The surgeon will decide the type of bunion surgery that is best for you based on the severity and cause of your bunion.

 No matter what type of bunion surgery you choose, the goal is to relieve pain, correct any deformities, and realign your joint as necessary.

 After the surgery is completed and healing has begun, the surgeon will review the decision and approve the return to your normal activities, such as playing sports or wearing fashionable shoes.