How To Use Honed Concrete For The Perfect Outdoor Patio

With the weather changing from warm to cool, if you want your outdoor patio to be a part of this change, it might be a good idea to upgrade your concrete with honed concrete. This material is used in many different applications for its strength and beauty. Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to install it!

A honed concreting in Lower North Shore is a type of concrete that has been specifically refined and polished to a high degree. It is often used in outdoor patios because it is durable and resistant to weathering.

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What are the Advantages of honed concrete?

There are many advantages to using honed concrete for your outdoor patio. 

First, it is a more durable material than traditional concrete. Additionally, honed concrete is less likely to attract dirt and dust, meaning it will look cleaner for longer. Finally, because honed concrete is smoother than regular concrete, it will be easier to walk on and less likely to create scratches or dents in your flooring.

Tips on how to use honed concrete in your patio area: 

  • Choose the right type of honed concrete for your project. There are three types of honed concrete that are most commonly used in outdoor projects: polished, semi-polished, and unfinished. 
  • Choose a location for your patio project.
  • Ready your project site by removing debris and other materials that may impact the placement of your honed concrete slab. 
  • Wear work gloves, and goggles, and wear long sleeves when working on your project site because honed concrete is very slippery.
  • Use a trowel for scooping out compacted earth or filling dirt from the project site. 
  • Once the dirt has been removed, moisten the soil in a shallow pan to help it break down and loosen.