Special Request Ideas For A Custom Door Company In Bromley

Designing your entryway makes your home unique to everyone who visits it. If you contact a door company willing to do custom work, you can achieve a professional look with this creative project. Consider the following examples of ideas:

Stained glass window

Many entry doors have windows and other decorative glass, but special stained glass can add a more personal touch. Natural landscapes will look traditional, but consider using the logo of your favorite sports team or superhero to let everyone know it's bespoke. You can also look into door agency in Bromley for more ideas.

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Access valve for dogs

It's easy to get a simple cover that lets pets in and out, but an experienced door maker may be able to make a rotating flap that blends in with the rest of the visible surface. Your pet's exit can be made to your specifications and can also be secured with latches to prevent raccoons and bipedal bandits from escaping.

Round hobbit hole

While the custom frame and surrounding wood will add to the complication, any dedicated Tolkien fan will appreciate the round wooden entryway. While that sounds appealing in a book, the large circular button in the center may not offer much mechanical advantage when opening or closing the entrance to your home.

Regardless of the type of customization you choose, working with a specialized door company can greatly improve the security and appearance of your home.