Is Laser Acne Treatment Permanent?

When considering laser acne treatment, one of the most important questions is about the effectiveness of the treatment. After several treatments, it typically removes around 90% of active acne.

The treatment of laser acne usually involves multiple sessions spread over several months. The more sessions you have, the more effective your treatment will be in removing and maintaining acne. You can also get laser skin therapy coaching through various online websites.

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The duration of the laser treatment for acne depends on each individual case. The lasers will work better if the main causes of your acne are treated (including oil production and skin bacteria). 

There is no way to know how laser acne treatment will affect your spots. However, your dermatologist can provide some insight. Your dermatologist will examine your skin to determine if laser treatments for acne are appropriate.

Laser acne treatment is not permanent but can last a long time. Patients report that their acne outbreaks have decreased for as long as two years. There are no flare-ups or breakouts within the first six months. 

It is important that you continue to care for your skin after laser treatments if you want them to last. Laser treatment does not mean you should stop caring for your skin.