Microcurrent Facials Will Give You Younger And Perfect Skin

Since 1748, medicine has proven through various studies and applications that microcurrents are essential for muscle tissue repair. Electric facials are a safe and effective way to train all skin types to reverse the aging process. By shortening the muscle fibers, the skin layer becomes more buoyant to increase the “convexities” of the face for a natural facial lift.

Microcurrent is an advanced skincare product that pampers the skin for optimal radiance. It is a natural facelift treatment that provides a youthful appearance without surgical intervention. This electric facial treatment is a gentle way to tighten your face while removing fine lines and wrinkles for youthful-looking skin. You can also consult a specialist online for microcurrent facial in Lisle.

Skin feels firmer and smoother at the end of the professional micro facial treatments. Microcurrent therapy is a non-invasive spa procedure designed to rejuvenate your skin. If you choose this series of high-tech facial treatments, the results will accumulate with the following positive effects:

  • Refreshing face

  • Drain excess fluid

  • Reduce puffy skin

  • Eliminates acne bacteria for clarity

  • Reduce dark circles around the eyes

  • Stimulates cell recovery for perfect health

  • Improves overall skin radiance

What do Microcurrent Experts Say…

If you look at the cheekbones, the forehead, the temples, the jawline of someone young, they come out in an arc away from the face. They bulge out. Around the age of 40 to the mid-fifties, the convexities go flat. From 60 up, they can go concave. Electrostim or microcurrent keeps the muscles plump and active, preventing or correcting the loss of the convexities.