What are the Various Types of Motion Graphics

This article will be a collection of various types of motion graphics.  It will also give an idea of what kind of work you can accomplish or even bill for. In this article, we will not cover many different styles, but reasons and examples for each type of video. Before I start, I want to share my definition of a motion graphic video.

Motion graphics is where animation and graphic design meet. Motion graphics and animation can definitely be interchangeable in some places. Understanding the basic principles of each discipline will make you a better motion designer.

Explainer Video

This is what I am most comfortable with. It has a wide variety of purposes and I would say it is one of the more common uses of motion graphics. Explainer videos take a complex process or situation. Then uses animation to break down the process into manageable chunks that tell the complete picture.

It is a way to help people emotionally connect with your brand because you can bring storytelling to the mix. In this day and age, people are generally lazy. Even I am, I much prefer to see a video about a product than looking for various information on the website. A video can package your sales/product into a nice emotional and engaging story that increases your bottom line.

UI Animations

Being able to make your prototypes move is a nice skill that can give you and your team clarity. I have used my motion graphics techniques to help others understand how a menu should animate, or how something should slide in or out.

This category can overlap with product marketing. You can create a whole motion graphic video with your product's UI. This is a lesser-known use of motion graphics. UI animation can especially be useful when talking to developers when handing off assets.