Penetration Testing Detects Both Known And Unknown Vulnerabilities

This is known as ethical hacking, the act of actively planning attacks against the security and network of websites. This is the penetration test mentioned here in this article. Both known and unknown vulnerabilities that undermine the overall integrity of the website and its systems, networks, and data will be exposed during penetration testing to reach a fair conclusion to resolve the issue.

From time to time, webmasters are plagued by security threats and security breaches are common when appropriate action is taken. Security threats can arise due to a possible network vulnerability somewhere in the system, a poor or inaccurate configuration, or when the automatic update option is disabled. You can also Request A Demo from the company to know about automatic penetration tests(Prueba de penetración automática in the Spanish language).

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In order to determine the possible reasons why hacking could be easy for a particular website or server, it is important to perform an intentional intrusion hack.

The intrusion technique is a "black box test" that involves tests in which the attacker is unaware of the network infrastructure. This allows them to hack like real hackers and thus identify other unknown vulnerabilities which are not completely obvious but pose a serious threat to the network and live servers and come up with appropriate solutions to make the site as secure as possible. 

You can even search online for more information about automatic penetration tests.