Light Gauge Steel Vs Red-Oxide Primed

Steel that is bare will rust after just a few days after exposure to elements. To stop this from happening corrosion, the surface of the steel should be coated. Most steel building companies use red-oxide primer for all structural steel parts. You can visit to get more information about best light gauge steel.

light gauge steel framing

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Some make use of galvanized light gauge steel as their primary material and leave the heavy rigid frames using a red-oxide primer. What is the difference between these two and what are the benefits in galvanized steel secondary?

For the majority of applications, red-oxide primers work better than a galvanized finishing. This is the reason why red-oxide is utilized in the majority of agricultural and commercial constructions, from backyard sheds all the way to most towering skyscrapers. 

There are, however, some circumstances where galvanizing is recommended. Galvanizing is useful in environments that are corrosive, such as chemical plants, or the coastal roofing system. There are various grades of galvanizing that come with different cost.

Galvanizing of high-quality is costly and turns an incredibly versatile substance into one that is extremely brittle. Galvanized steel can't be bent or painted to avoid cracking or welded, without releasing harmful fumes. 

It is a water-based paint that is safe for your environment. After being applied to all steel structural components of a steel building surface rust will be prevented. The primer is very long-lasting and is able to withstand the rigors of unloading and loading trucks and all work in the field while it is being constructed.