The Ultimate VR Headset Buyers Guide

If you go back to the 1990s and start reading about "virtual reality," you’ll quickly realize that the term could refer to anything from a full Lawnmower Man simulation system to a 3D model on a computer screen.

Except for a few special circumstances, we almost always refer to the stuff you see in VR headphones like the Oculus Rift today. You can also buy the best oculus rift s prescription lens online from various sources.

So if you're looking for VR, what should you check out? No one particular device is right for everyone; In fact, there are too many to point out the cheapest headphones here. Some things to consider when purchasing are:


The simplest form of virtual reality consists of just a pair of plastic magnifying glasses and a piece of cardboard, using a standard smartphone as the screen. Most people now call this "Google Cardboard", but the idea existed years before Google came up with it.

Space Requirements

While not all Google Cardboard-style headphones are easy to carry around, the most portable headphones are Google Cardboards. The basic form of cardboard can be folded into a stacking box, and the smallest designs are barely bigger than a pair of glasses.

The most famous cardboard experience is the live-action shorts that can't use motion tracking even on high-end headphones.


To be considered fully compatible with Cardboard, the headset must have exactly one input. It doesn't have to be a button; The simplest headphones on the market are just a case and lens with holes for your finger or thumb that you can use to touch the screen directly.

Medium Set

Mid-range headphones are an option package that represents a step up from Google Cardboard. If the cardboard is basically just a fun-looking smartphone case, these phone-powered headphones could have additional tracking sensors, more sophisticated internal controls, a focus wheel, or even their own screen.