Guide To Selecting Seafood In Sydney

There are a number of things for consumers to consider when purchasing high-quality seafood. First, it’s important to buy seafood from reputable dealers – those with a known record of safe handling practices – and avoid roadside stands.

And because seafood is so perishable, buy the latter. Make sure raw seafood juice doesn't drip onto other foods, especially those consumed without additional cooking. 

You can avoid cross-contamination in your shopping cart by using separate seafood packaging in nylon bags. You can also contact the best seafood wholesale suppliers in Sydney to get the fresh seafood.

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When buying seafood, the word "fresh" usually refers to seafood that has not been frozen. However, "frozen" does not have a bad connotation. Frozen seafood can outperform fresh seafood, so base your purchase on product quality.

Commercial frozen fish is frozen quickly to the highest level of freshness. Consumers can now find a large selection of high-quality and healthy seafood in the freezer. When thawed properly, frozen fish is like fish that has never been frozen.

Both have the freshness qualities described above. Frozen fish and shellfish should be packaged in tight, moisture-resistant packaging. Select a package below the freezer load line.

Value-added seafood includes breaded and breaded seafood, smoked seafood, dried fish, precooked seafood entrées, fresh minced scallops, pre-seasoned fish fillets (e.g. farmed catfish), and more -other. All of these products are semifinished and refrigerated or frozen to save the hassle of cooking at home.