What skin conditions do athlete commonly get?

A lot of skin problems can impact on the feet and many wide spread skin conditions that affect the whole body will be worse in the feet mainly because of the use of shoes and especially the strains that athletes put on the feet.


Blisters are frequent on the feet of athletes. Blister are because of shallow rubbing from the running footwear on distinct locations which results in the skin cellular layers being separated. This could frequently be on the toes or maybe the rear of the calcaneus. Almost all athletes are extremely acquainted with blisters. The obvious way to handle blisters is usually to not get a blister to start with. Make sure the running shoes fit properly and use a lubricant about areas of higher chaffing. There are several friction reducing tapes or strapping which athletes may use to prevent blisters if they happen often. If a blister does happen, then make sure it's guarded and padded to allow for it to heal up.

Corns and Callus

Corns and calluses are caused by to much pressure on a spot. This frequently is due to the footwear not fitted adequately or there's some deformity triggering higher load for example a claw toe or hallux valgus. Corns and calluses are not too difficult to take out. A skillful foot doctor could easily remove them with good scalpel technique. What is less than straightforward is to stop corns and calluses returning. Foot corns do not have roots which they re-grow from which the podiatrist could not get rid of. It is a prevalent misconception that corns have roots. Foot corns and calluses consistently return when the cause isn't eliminated and that cause will be the excessive force on the region. That pressure could be reduced by, by way of example, surgical treatment to take care of a hammer toe or bunions. Foot orthotics may help decrease force on the underside of the feet if there are calluses present.