Smart Nutrition For The Warmer Months

A healthy diet is much easier during the warmer weather as it encourages you to eat light and nutritious foods like salads, lean meats, fish, fruits, and fresh vegetables. 

For good nutrition try to eat about 30 different foods every day and when choosing your fruit and vegetables select lots of different colors that contain important antioxidants. You can find the best sports nutrition regulation services online.

Barbecues can also be a healthy way of eating outdoors but you need to avoid meats that are high in fat. Instead opt for skinless chicken breasts, chicken kebabs, lean steak, and trimmed lamb chops. 

To get away from the boring and routine add in some barbecued eggplant, zucchini, jacket potatoes, and corn cobs for something different, or whip up a great green salad or pasta salad and couscous. 

This makes entertaining much more enjoyable, is not overly expensive and your friends and family will thank you for keeping everyone healthy.

On the drinks side, the one thing that really increases the calorie count is drinking in excess soft drinks, juices, sports drinks, iced frappes, and iced teas. Stick with water the majority of the time and this will see you well hydrated as well as keeping the calorie count down. The recommended amount of fluid most people should drink is 2 liters per day.

Here are five nutrition tips to keep the calorie count down:

1. Use fat-free dressings on salads.

2. Select frozen juice treats instead of ice cream

3. Make fruit kebabs as a tasty snack.

4. Puree fruit or add fruit to jelly and freeze.

5. Where possible use diet mixers in your drinks.