Thomas O’Brien Lighting Tips for Your Living Room

Thomas O'Brien

Because the living room is the heart of the house, it’s critical to layer light effectively—lighting in big or open spaces like living rooms may be an excellent source of ambient lighting. Wall sconces may also be used to add accent lighting to a room, making it seem cozier. There are also wall spotlights that direct light downward, providing much-needed job illumination. Thomas O’Brien’s lighting can be used as a standalone art or combined with paintings or photography. Here are some wall lighting ideas to obtain some inspiration for your modern house without further ado.

  1. Don’t Worry, Be Tidy.

Wall lights are one of the most effective methods to make a living space seem warm and inviting without blocking your view. Long pendant wires may clog the area in a room with high ceilings. The addition of wall lights on either side of a fireplace or sofa is a simple method to add illumination while maintaining a relaxed vibe.

  1. Matching Materials

Sconces for the living room come in a variety of shapes and materials. It’s OK to blend complimentary materials if you want a basic but stylish design. A light cloth shade perched on a metal stem maybe both classic and contemporary.

  1. Put your best foot forward.

A classic option is this round wall sconce. If you want to formalize the space, black colors are a great alternative. Gold, thin-wall sconces can quickly offer a distinct, exquisite appeal to light and dark colored walls and floors while also providing visual depth.

  1. A Little Light Can Make a Big Difference

It only takes a little light to make a tremendous impact sometimes. With sconces that are trendy and old-timey, give a more conventional living area a modern interior design makeover.

  1. Contemporary Décor

Don’t be scared to go for wall lights with a modern edge if that’s what you want. Horizontal, geometric designs with uplighting and downlighting are a good choice since they provide a current ornamental element to your living space while providing adequate ambient lighting.

  1. The Secret of Downlighting.

Consider installing downlights in locations that are difficult to light, such as columns, corners, and entryways. Downlighting wall lights improve sight in areas that shadows would otherwise obscure. Combine wall and table lights for even more coverage; this is an excellent choice if your living space is tiny or oddly shaped.

  1. Bringing the Garden Indoor

Some living room wall lights are designed to give personality to the decor. Consider decorative wall lights if you want to make your living space seem nice. To convey the feeling of an interior garden, wall lights fashioned like flowers, petals, or other natural components are pretty popular.

  1. Select a Unique Accent

Uplighting is an excellent way to add accent lighting to your living area. Minimalist designs consisting of gold, brass, or other metals are popular for modern living rooms since they enhance the atmosphere created by accent lighting.

Final words

Thomas O’Brien lighting is available in various designs, styles, and materials, allowing you to discover the perfect fit for your living space. Wall sconces can be used as standalone light sources in nooks, corners, or groups surrounding sitting configurations.