Zantac Class Action Lawsuits

The collective process is initiated by someone who files their case with an attorney who can represent their interests in the case. Unlike individual lawsuits, class lawsuits are filed to seek redress for a group of people who have been wrongly harmed by a product, service, or lawsuit. Several manufacturers of the drug Zantac have been cited in recent lawsuits for failing to protect consumers from the drug's NDMA risks.

It is important to note that the only compensation that can be reimbursed for group disputes is compensation for money spent on drugs. Those who join class actions are more likely to be asked to provide proof of their purchase and only receive compensation for their total drug expenditure. However, you can also file a lawsuit with the help of New Jersy Zantac law firms such as

How do I join a Zantac class action lawsuit?

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Class actions can vary in size, from a few people coming together to bring a defendant to court, to thousands or maybe millions of people. Individuals who join or participate in class actions are not required to take an active role in legal proceedings. 

Only the designated principal plaintiff needs to play an active role in a class-action lawsuit to serve as a high-profile public figure and decision-maker. The main plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit has several responsibilities, including:

  • Hire a lawyer
  • Coordination with lawyers during the process
  • Making liquidation decisions on behalf of the class
  • The class is well represented

Once the case is brought to court by the principal plaintiff and his attorney, the court will decide whether the case meets the criteria for class action or not.