The Worker Identity Theft Crisis

Let's start with the basics. Identity theft refers to any attempt to use another person's identity to commit fraud. One obvious example is the theft of a credit card. But it can also include activities such as hacking corporate networks to steal enterprise data, working with a fraudulent SSN to pay for medical care, paying for other people's insurance, taking out loans or lines of equity on assets that belong to someone else, and using someone else's ID to get arrested. 

The office is a playground for sensitive data, with a variety of databases. Each database stores your SSN, including the HR database, applicant tracking system, and Payroll system. The facilities system, security system, bonus and commission, merit increase, and performance management systems, as well as your network login, email accounts, and any job-specific system accounts. The very nature of our digital economy is what causes identity theft. But you can secure all the information with the help of professionals at ProofID.


You don't even need to mention the many one-time and regular reports and database extracts that are performed every day by Compensation, Finance, audit firms, IT, and others. Watch yourself go about your day and count how many times you need to prove your identity to enable some daily activity. 

Turn on the TV. The cable channels that you receive are billed monthly through your account. This information is kept in the company's database. Look at your homepage – the password for your Google, Yahoo, or AOL account is probably something you use for other accounts such as your financial accounts or corporate login. 

You should check your stocks. Anyone with your account information could steal your money in seconds. You've got your driver's license and car registration. This is a surrogate national identification that could be used to impersonate anyone for any transaction.