Tips a Drone Pilot must Follow

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Courtesy – shotkit

Flying a drone is always an amazing experience provided you fly for fun or serious purpose. Many drone enthusiasts are now becoming full-time pro drone pilots due to the popularity of the drone industry. If you’ve just invested in a drone, then these are some of the tips you should seriously follow.

  1. Pay Attention – The moment you start flying your drone, learn to fly on a simulator. This allows you to understand about flying a drone without the possibility of crashing your drone. Flying a drone in real-time means you are bound to get distracted for whatever reason.
  2. Have Additional Batteries – Your drone batteries will never last like other cameras. Due to this reason, you have limited time to fly your drone. Therefore, it is your duty to keep extra batteries to help you to finish your project without any problems.
  3. Choose the Correct Settings Related to FPS – Many drone pilots shoot a video in 24FPS to get a cinematic shot. Moreover, you also have the option of shooting a video in 30FPS for that smooth footage.
  4. Be Alert of Various Electromagnetic Interferences – Your drone will lose the GPS signal if it is close to electromagnetic interference. Moreover, the drone loses its ability to stay stable due to such interferences. Just before you start flying your drone, ensure you check the K-index measurement. This will help you to move to a different location to shoot your project.

Professional drone photographer in Perth follows these tips.