Volvo Trucks Integrates Active Safety Systems

Recent statistics on traffic safety have shown a decrease in fatalities due to traffic accidents. The number of fatalities has dropped by as much as 20 percent. This is a result of the increased safety features installed on vehicles that are on roads.

Automakers have already begun to develop safety systems that will assist them in achieving this goal. Volvo is the first automaker that comes to mind when it comes to safety. Volvo, a Swedish truck manufacturer, has already begun to fight traffic accidents.

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Volvo Trucks, the second-largest manufacturer of buses and trucks, has recently introduced two active safety systems that will be integrated into its production trucks. These systems include the Lane Keeping Support System (LKS), and the Adaptive Cruise control (ACC). These systems were developed by Volvo's safety specialists.

The Lane Keeping Support alerts the driver if the vehicle is moving out of its lane. The technology continuously monitors the lane markers and alerts the driver by emitting an audible signal if the vehicle is moving out of its lane. When the vehicle is traveling at 60 km/h, the safety system activates.

Large vehicles such as Volvo trucks should use this technology, since they are difficult to steer, especially at high speeds. The Adaptive Cruise Control, on the other hand, is an upgraded version of the previous ACC used by Volvo's trucks. 

It may or may not come with a Volvo antenna. It doesn't matter that much, it seems. The Adaptive cruise control is a safety device that uses laser or radar. 

Volvo's enhanced ACC features provide greater braking power to ensure maximum stopping power in emergency situations.