What Is An Open Source ERP And What Are Its Benefits?

Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP, as the name suggests, is used to manage a company or industry in various aspects. It covers the entire organization, taking into account the necessary plans for management, finance, and accounting, production, and sales, as well as marketing and customer service. Open source ERP is the best solution for the needs of any company, small or large. With ERP software, companies can plan their business, maintain business contacts, negotiate with suppliers, and manage activities. 

The main purpose of using software is to enable the free flow of information between industry and related business people in the organization. It also helps owners maintain and manage good relations with external factors such as shareholders who are the backbone of any organization. You can also start free 14 days trial to give it a try in your company to check the compatibility of this software.

Top 15 Free and Open Source ERP Solutions

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Each type of ERP on this subject has some common features such as databases for supporting applications, integrated systems that work in real-time, and modules with good appearance and use. Many websites offer you free open source packages. This way, the employer can make as many additions to the software as possible after installation. 

With one ERP package that covers most of your core needs, you don't have to worry about separate expenses for multiple customer service management plans or cost control and planning. It is very flexible and that way you can customize the software that will be used to manage your business. If you buy commercial software, you may not be able to modify it to your liking. However, in the open-source package, it is possible to make as many changes as you want to suit your individual company profile and functionality.