What Is Products Filter By Color

If filters are properly configured on websites, they allow users to choose from thousands of products only that match their interests and needs. 

Website filtering is very important. Only 16% of online shops can provide a good filter. A good filter allows users to only see products that meet their preferences. A user might want to see the actual colors of the jacket and not the inscriptions Black, Red, and so forth. Product Shopify filter by colored provides a good customer experience.

Shopify filter by color

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 How to use Products Filter by Color

This simple function is also very useful for filtering by product color. The customer may not be able to read the labels but can intuitively choose the product color they want. Add an attribute filter. Let's say you have created products and created a color attribute. Then assign it to the products.

  • Go to the filter editor
  • Select attributes from the drop-down menu;
  • Next, choose the desired attribute in the "Select Attribute” field. In this example, we chose Color.
  • Our plugin allows you to display an attribute so that everything looks authentic. Select the Color you want to display in the "Show on Frontend as" field.
  • Each attribute should be assigned a color.
  • You can also configure additional functions to display the attribute.